How to Choose the Right Buyer for Your Junk Car After Travelling

There is a lot of foul play in the junk car business. Most of these local junkyards don’t have your best interest at heart. They will prey upon your innocence or cluelessness at every chance they get. So you must be very careful when looking for a junk car dealer.

So how do you choose the right junk car buyer after you have completed your overseas travel? Here are few tips.

Dealers’ reputation

It’s really important to find out the dealers reputation before engaging them in any way. As stated above, some are only looking out for their own interests. So they’ll look for ways to make a quick buck to your charge. If for example the dealer insists on handling the paperwork or they go ahead and tell you the car is worthless, something might not be right. These might just be tactics to scam you. It’s best to ask recommendations from friends or neighbors. Checking online reviews can also help your course of finding the right buyer for your junk car.

Junk Car Removal Services

Not every dealer offers junk car removal for free. Some will charge a small fee while others will offer it free of charge as an incentive to make you sell. You should opt for a company that offers free price estimates, towing services and vehicle inspection. A buyer that handles the paperwork on your behalf is a plus. But to avoid getting scammed, do a research on all the paperwork needed for a successful transaction.

Mode of Payment

Auto dealers or junkyards can either pay cash or check for your car. So it depends on which method suits you best. However, receiving cash for your junk car is the most secure payment. In fact, it’s more satisfying and convenient. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t accept a check from a reputable dealer.  Auto dealers mostly use check as the mode of payment to pay sellers.


Location is also an important factor to consider when looking for a buyer. Even though junking your car to the highest bidder should be your plan, the yards location also matters especially if towing isn’t free. If you want to get the most value for your junk car, you should first weigh the options presented to you.