How to Pack for a Trip Like a Pro

How many times have you packed and most of your clothing was never worn? Did you ever have to pay over weight fees or buy another suitcase to check in because you may have over shopped and over splurged? Ladies may have been the culprits of these crimes but sometimes you just can’t help yourself or pass up a good deal. So before you go on a trip you have to know how to pack and what to pack. What you pack would be determined by what you deem essential, how you chose to pack, where you’re going and how long you plan to stay.

First – The Essentials

For the purpose of travel; essentials are things that you absolutely cannot live without; not so much life and death but just something you need to function. You have to determine what you can do without for the duration of your trip. If you use special products as recommended by your doctor pack it especially if you are uncertain you can get it where you are going.

Some people may or may not see underwear as a necessity, again it’s up to you but underwear doesn’t weigh much. Depending on how long you are traveling for, maximum two pairs of jeans, a handful of T-shirts, a jacket, something dressy, slippers and a practical pair of shoes. Females may want to add one or two scarves to accessorize.

What’s The Weather at your Destination?

A lot of people forget to consider the weather at their destination. If it’s a rainy city like London, you carry an umbrella with you. If you’re traveling in winter, take a jacket; you don’t need to pack this in your suitcase but can actually hold it in your arm and take it with you on the plane. Of course, if you are going to the Caribbean, you would take a hat, sun block lotion, cool clothing and of course swimwear.

Duration of Your Stay

How long you plan to stay will obviously determine the contents of your suitcase. If you plan to wash, then you can still pack a light bag. If you don’t again it depends on whether or not you are willing to wear dirty clothes. If you are planning a shopping trip, it is advised that you pack light and find yourself a washer and dryer.

To Fold or Roll..

This has been a debate that could go on and on. It depends on the preference again. Rolling may be good if you have something that is fragile in your suitcase. Folding prevents you from having to iron clothes; it depends on the material of course but it is neater and visually appealing to the traveler with OCD.  Some people would use both methods effectively and others who pack at the last minute may just dump everything in. It is again a matter of preference for the traveler. You may pack neatly but by the time you get to your destination and open your suitcase, you would realize that your efforts were futile.